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Holdin’ the fort down

Holdin’ the fort down (slang)

Type: noun, phrase, slang

Pronunciation: /holdin’-the-fort-down/

Also spelled or known as: Holding the fort down

Related: Holding down the fort, Hold the fort down, Hold down the fort

What does Holdin’ the fort down mean?

1. To be taking care of and watching over your home or area while someone is gone.

2. To be representing where you’re from.

Holdin’ the fort down Synonyms: Holding down the fort, Holding the fort down

Example sentence:I’m always gonna be holding the fort down.”

Holdin’ the fort down in songs:

“Me and my homies, we always holdin’ the fort down Come up in our town and your pissin’ a fourth now” – Sen Dog, It Ain’t Nothin’.

Totin the four-pound, holdin’ the fort down Before Heavy D bounced till Uptown became a ghost town” – Canibus, Shout Out to Lost Boyz.

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Holdin' the fort down
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Holdin' the fort down

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