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Coppers (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /cop-ers/

Also spelled or known as: Coppas, the Coppers

Related: Cops

Singular: Copper

What does Coppers mean?

Police, cops, or law enforcement.

Coppers Synonyms: Popos, Undies, Cops, Feds, Pigs, 12, Coppas, 5-0, Jakes, Alphabet boys

Example sentence: “We were not tryna get caught by the coppers.”

Coppers in songs:

Coppers pull us over, then we runnin’ like a ho And if they get too close, we get to dumpin’ like a ho” – Tay-K, M…. She Wrote.

“Got the Maserati dancin’ on the bridge, pussy poppin’ Tell the coppers: “Ha-ha-ha-ha You can’t catch him, you can’t stop him”” – Lil Wayne, A Milli.

Coppers and quotas, hold ya head like 2Pac had taught Obviously, they are on a come up” – Saba, Everybody’s Something.

“In this life of police chases, street sweepers and coppers Stick-up kids with no conscience leavin’ victims with doctors” – Nas, One Mic.

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