Hip-Hop head


Hip-Hop head (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /hip-hop-head/

Also spelled or known as: Hip Hop head

Plural: Hip-Hop heads

Related: Hip-Hop

What does Hip-Hop head mean?

Someone who is a fan of hip-hop.

Hip-Hop head Synonyms: Backpacker, Hip-Hopper, Hip-Hop Head

Example sentence: “My uncle is a hip-hop head, he got all the oldies.”

Hip-Hop head in songs:

“So these silly little fans, they were misled, By a nerdy Internet computer hip-hop head” – Eminem, Can I Bitch.

“I’m a hip-hop head, I ain’t a hipster person” – Mac Lethal, Crustified Christmas.

“The only hip-hop head to keep it so fresh” – Prodigy, Bear Meat.

“And you claim to be a hip-hop head?, Oowop, two shots in his hip-hop head” – Cam’ron, Hate Me Now Freestyle.

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