Guapanese (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /guap-a-nees/

Also spelled: Guaponese, Guapane$e

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What does Guapanese mean?

1. Talks involving making money.

2. Money language.

Anytime you talk about money you’re speaking guapanese.

Example sentence: “We were at the bank speaking guapanese.”

Guapanese in songs:

“Catch me out in China stunting yea I’m about my guapanese” – A$AP Rocky, Hell.

“You get whacked with that TEC, ain’t no need to act hard Only speak guapanese” – Gunna, 25k jacket.

“Same place I see ’em, same place they chalk’ em out We speak Guapanese, come see what we talking ’bout” – Fabolous, Body Ya.

Came out that bitch, I’m speakin’ Russian, German, Guapanese Can’t let these niggas stunt my growth from livin’ for my seed” – Freddie Gibbs, Andrea.

“I just talk that Guapanese, it’s my language” – King Combs, Can’t Stop Won’t Stop.

“Speaking Guapanese when I’m moving out in France Gravy on the speakers now these thotties tryna prance” – Yung Gravy, Pillow Fight.

Bad bitches flockin’ me, all these hoes jockin’ me Only speak in money, lil bitch, that’s that guapanese” – Lil Gnar, Transformer.

I’m speaking guapanese, I know he cannot understand me” – Lil Tecca, Grammy Freestyle.

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