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G Check

G Check (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /g-check/

Also spelled or known as: G-Check, GCheck

What does G Check mean?

Gangster Check; to test someone’s toughness or to see if someone is really a gangster.

Example sentence: “He received a g check in the hood.”

G Check in songs:

“Hold ’em for ransom, take ’em Dropping them rakes, rake ’em G check, check in Kickback, Tekken” – Pop Smoke, Brother Man.

G check, better leap if you feeling frog You with the shit, get your feet wet with the sharks” – Vince Staples, Birds & Bees.

“But I still rep for the West End streets I’ll never get a G check from a neek” – AJ Tracey, Blacked Out.

“Got gold on the V-neck I’m passing every G check Didn’t fuck her for a month and never had a regret” – Stevie G. Lover III, Poke.

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G Check
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G Check