DWI (acronym)

Type: noun, acronym

Pronunciation: /d-w-i/

Also spelled or known as: D.W.I., D-W-I

Related: DUI

What does DWI mean and stand for?

Driving while intoxicated; the offense of driving while intoxicated.

DWI Synonyms: DUI

Example sentence: “A DWI is very bad on your record.”

DWI in songs:

“She get dick, weed, and ignored, Thats a D.W.I., nigga” – Lil Wayne, Trippy.

Rappers don’t need trouble with I, Unless it’s Ras Kass before the D.W.I” – Joe Budden, Dumb Out.

“I was high, fried, and D.W.I., Every question asked I came back with a lie” – Low-G, Screwed Up Tape.

“Another DWI, drunk and fucking high” – SPM, I Must Be High.

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