DUI (acronym)

Type: noun, acronym

Pronunciation: /d-u-i/

Also spelled or known as: D.U.I., D-U-I

Related: DWI

What does DUI mean and stand for?

Driving under the influence; the offense of driving under the influence.

DUI Synonyms: DWI

Example sentence:Don’t drink and drive if you don’t want a DUI.”

DUI in songs:

“A little wordplay, I’m hoping I can make you smile, Least until I’m out of line like a DUI” – Wale, The Body.

“Your girl got a DUI?, I’ll make the calls to get y’all through customs” – Drake, 305 to My City.

“Lord knows I don’t need another DUI, I led a Thug Life, heartless hustler” – 2Pac, Bury Me a G.

“In a foreign, drinking syrup, that’s a DUI, Police ass nigga, you the FBI” – 21 Savage, Both Sides.

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