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Double deuce

Double deuce (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /dub-ull-duus/

Also spelled or known as: Double-deuce, Doubledeuce

What does Double deuce mean?

A .22 caliber handgun.

Double deuce Synonyms: .22

Example sentence:Boy what are you doing with a double deuce.”

Double deuce in songs:

“Got a double deuce, and I ain’t sipping cut Drop two footballs in my styrofoam cup” – Fat Nick, How I Look.

Kufi on, double deuce in the jeans My man shape was on the floor with the mother lode, both of them green” – Ghostface Killah, The Champ.

double deuce by my toe, see Figg get it and go” – ScHoolboy Q, Shot You Down (Remix).

Side bettin’, Little Joe in the doe now watch me roll I let ’em go and watch that double deuce lock up fo’ sho'” – Celly Cel, It’s Goin’ Down.

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Double deuce
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Double deuce

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