Did time

Did time (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /diid-tyme/

Related: Doing time, Got time

What does Did time mean?

To have severed a jail or prison sentence.

Example sentence: “He did time for two DUI charges.”

Did time in songs:

“DD did time with no lawyer, it’s survival” – Lil Durk, Street Prayer.

“Everybody turn their back on me but you And when I did time you was doing time too” – Gucci Mane, We Ride.

“I done did time in the can, came home, went back to the basics” – Quando Rondo, Kiccin Shit.

Did time I ain’t ask for, Still sendin’ mail through the hatch form” – Kevin Gates, Wish I Had It.

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Did time
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Did time