CSI (slang)

Type: noun, slang, acronym

Pronunciation: /c-s-i/

Also spelled: C.S.I., C-S-I

What does CSI mean and stand for?

Crime Scene Investigation.

Example sentence: “The police were talking about a CSI.”

CSI in songs:

“A suit and tie is suitable and usual in suicide CSI just might investigate this fucking parasite” – Kendrick Lamar, Rigamortis.

“I come in peace, but unleash this fuckinbeast inside me You may need to CSI, investigate the scene when I leave” – Mac Miller, I Come In Peace.

“I walk in the club on 2 My girl Giuseppe game’s on CSI” – Tory Lanez, Diego.

“Money can be made out a rhyme, I can do it on the dime Kick the shit out a beat until it die, call CSI” – Curren$y, Audio Dope II.

“Style out of this world, S-C-I Fi Killin’ these niggas, no CSI” – ScHoolboy Q, Party.

“Hpnotiq and Red Bull, it’s an incredible energy drink And it’s given me wings, I believe I can fly While I pee on a girl, you won’t catch me CSI” – Eminem, Old Time’s Sake.

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