Silver spoon


Silver spoon (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /sil-ver-spoon/

Also spelled or known as: Silver spoon

What does Silver spoon mean?

To be born rich and not have to work for money or what wealth you achieved.

Silver spoon Synonyms: Born rich

Example sentence: “He was born with a silver spoon.

Silver spoon in songs:

“A silver spoon, I know you come from, ya bish” – Kendrick Lamar, Money Trees.

“They think I had the silver spoon but they’ll get it soon” – Drake, Views.

“And I’m born rich, life ain’t fair, it’s silver spoon coon, ho” – Childish Gambino, IV. Sweatpants.

“Real recognize that stainless, silver spoon what my aim is” – Logic, Stainless.

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Silver spoon
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Silver spoon
Silver spoon