Uncle Tom

Uncle Tom (noun)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /un-kull-tom/

Also spelled or known as: Uncle-Tom

What does Uncle Tom mean?

A derogatory term for a black person who wants to be white or is considered obedient & wants to please white people.

Example sentence: “They were trying to call him an Uncle Tom for listening to country music more than rap.”

Uncle Tom in songs:

“I beat the pussy out the park like I’m Barry Bonds, I put the pussy in debt, bitch, take this Uncle Tom” – Blueface, Fucced Em.

“Let a nigga hit like I’m Barry Bonds And I don’t fuck wit’ niggas, I’m a Uncle Tom Four-five on my hip but I’ll tote a .9″ – Yhung T.O., Carpoolin’.

“I’ll be damned if an Uncle Tom corny ass nigga making vlogs try to talk if he ain’t showin’ respect” – Dax, Killshot Freestyle.

Uncle Tom, please don’t make my sentence long Granted what I did was wrong” – A$AP Rocky, Max B.

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Uncle Tom
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Uncle Tom