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Clout chasing

Clout chasing (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /klowt-chase-in/

Also spelled or known as: Clout-chasing

Related: Clout chaser, Clout, Clout chasin’

What does Clout chasing mean?

1. To be hanging around famous people to gain popularity or willing to do anything for fame.

Clout chasing Synonyms: Dickriding

2. To be causing unnecessary drama for attention or popularity.

Example sentence: “I know you’re just coming around because i’m up now, you’re always clout chasing.”

Clout chasing in songs:

Clout chasing all different angles (Clout) When you get caught turn into singers” – Offset, On Fleek.

“I ran that bag up, you in your head making up calculations Every time I look up, it’s a soft ass nigga clout chasing” – Polo G, Last Strike.

“Ayy, gotta watch your homies and police, brother Ayy, clout chasing hell of a disease, brother” – Kendrick Lamar, Rich Spirit.

“Niggas clout chasing, they don’t want smoke, they wanna go viral” – 21 Savage, I’m Scared.

“Why you hating on me? I ain’t hating on you And niggas clout chasing like it’s something to do” – Lil Tjay, Mixed Emotions.

Yeah, clout chasing, nigga, get your bitch fucked On my way to Western U to get my dick sucked” – Bagboy Mell, STFU.

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Clout chasing
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Clout chasing