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Clout chasin’

Clout chasin’ (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /klowt-chase-in/

Also spelled or known as: Clout-chasin’

Related: Clout chaser, Clout, Clout chasing

What does Clout chasin’ mean?

1. To be hanging around famous people to gain popularity or willing to do anything for fame.

Clout chasin’ Synonyms: Dickriding

2. To be causing unnecessary drama for attention or popularity.

Example sentence: “Her stylist was only clout chasin’.”

Clout chasin’ in songs:

“You a clout chasin’, do it the for fame-ass nigga” – G Herbo, 2 Chains.

“I ain’t kissin’ that bitch ’cause her breath smell like dank You a clout chasin’ ho tryna double up your rank” – Lil Yachty, Flu Flamming (Remix).

“I want the recognition, on some thirsty shit I want the recognition, clout chasin’” – YG, Hard Bottoms & White Socks.

Clout chasin’ got him in a wood box, can’t believe he died for the fame” – 21 Savage, My Dawg.

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Clout chasin'
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Clout chasin'