Clickbait (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /klick-bait/

Also spelled: Click bait, Click-bait

What does Clickbait mean?

A misleading title or picture to draw clicks to a website or video.

Example sentence:Shorty made the video title clickbait to get more views.”

Clickbait in songs:

“I should run a whole blog at this rate, They using my name for clickbait” – Cardi B, Clout.

“Pull a bitch here like clickbait” – Joyner Lucas, Gold Mine.

“My bitch lookin’ like clickbait, Ass like a cake” – Tyga, Floss in the Bank.

“And the media will still find a way. to turn us into clickbait and misquote, Wanna keep the peace, but if you do that I’ma slit throats, sike, nah” – Logic, Caterpillar (Remix).

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