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Sike (slang)

Type: interjection, slang

Pronunciation: /s-hike/

What does Sike mean?

A sarcastic remark added to the end of a sentence to lessen seriousness.

Example sentence: “I guess i’ll be seeing you tomorrow.. Sike! i have an appointment.”

Sike in songs:

Kill a opp, now my boys gonna hibernate, Sike, nah, they back on it the next day” – Lil Uzi Vert, Free Uzi.

“I’ma be the guy that rap slow, sike nah” – C Dot Castro, 24 Freestyle.

“How the fuck I’ma miss when I got me a beam? I’m done, sike, I pull up to shoot, you pull up to fight” – NLE Choppa, Shotta Flow 2.

I’m recording in LA right now, so the local niggas can’t get a verse no more. Sike, I’m still hood rich, still up on that hood shit” – G Herbo, XXL.

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