Chop shop


Chop shop (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /chop-shop/

Also spelled or known as: Chopshop, Chop-shop

What does Chop shop mean?

A place where stolen cars are taken apart and sold in individual parts.

Example sentence: “We took that old benz to the Chop shop.”

Chop shop in songs:

Homie got a chop shop, I stole that truck” – Tyler, the Creator, 48.

Smashed off, stashed the Glock, drop it off at the chop shop” – Problem, Up On the Wall.

“Took my ’87 Regal, put it in a chop shop” – Jay Rock, Say Wassup.

Chop shop, the added stash, cop cars can kiss my ass” – Jim Jones, Throw Some D’s (Remix).

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Chop shop
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