Cattin off

Cattin’ off (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /cat-in-off/

Also spelled or known as: Cattin-off, Catting-off, Catting off, Cattin off

What does Cattin off mean?

To be messing around.

Cattin off Synonyms: Catting off

Example sentence:Don’t come to my crib and start cattin’ off.

Cattin off in songs:

Cattin’ off, if you from the Yay, that’s North” – Goldie Gold, Go Hard or Go Home.

Can’t be slippin’ and snoozin’ and cattin’ off” – E-40, Bendin’ Corners (Skee Skert).

Cattin’ off and sipping ain’t what this playa do son” – E-40, Beastin.

“Leather so soft, adjustable exhaust, I’m cattin’ off” – Larry June, Shout Out.

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Cattin off
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Cattin off