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Catcalled (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /kat-kalled/

Also spelled or known as: Cat-called, cat called

Related: Catcall, Catcalling, Catcallin’

What does Catcalled mean?

1. To have whistled or yelled unwanted sexual remarks at women passing by.

2. To have been whistled or yelled unwanted sexual remarks at as you’re passing by.

Example sentence: “She said she liked being catcalled.”

Catcalled in songs:

I’m a bad bitch walk around get catcalled Crush the xans up, snort it off the asphalt” – David Shawty, like me.

“I just wanna know how many times you heard that before, I just wanna know, have you ever been catcalled before” – rajinee, Catcall & Response.

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