Catcall (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /kat-kall/

Also spelled or known as: Cat call, Cat-call

Plural: Catcalls

Related: Catcalling, Catcallin’, Catcalled

What does Catcall mean?

To whistle or yell unwanted sexual remarks at women passing by.

Example sentence: “She came over with a catcall.”

Catcall in songs:

“Okay I’m all you can ask for,i’m in it bar to the wall you can her I’m going hard look i bet you catcall” – TIP, Game 7.

I’m steppin’ to you muthafucka, catcall If ever in distress I’ll peep yo’ S.O.S like batcalls” – Mick Jenkins, Pressed for Time (Crossed My Mind).

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