Came in handy

Came in handy (phrase)

Type: slang, phrase

Pronunciation: /kame-in-hand-e/

What does Came in handy mean?

To have came in at the right time.

Came in handy Synonyms: Came in clutch

Example sentence: “The cold drinks we bought Came in handy in the 100 degree weather.”

Came in handy in songs:

“I’ma take my mama to the Grammy’s and shoutout everybody that ever said that I can’t be and show her everything that she taught me done came in handy.” – Meek Mill, Black Grammys.

“I took 20 thou’ and went to Miami, Went to Club LIV and it came in handy” – Valee, Miami (Remix).

“It came in handy, she demand it, ’cause the techniques never vanish” – Big K.R.I.T., Blue Flame Ballet.

“I just bought an SSN, that bitch came in clutch, I just bought a Glock, that bitch came in handy” – Duwap Kaine, Teejayx6 Flow (Freestyle).

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Came in handy
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Came in handy