Came in clutch


Came in clutch (phrase)

Type: slang, phrase

Pronunciation: /kame-in-klaw-awtch/

What does Came in clutch mean?

To have came in at the right time.

Came in clutch Synonyms: Came in handy

Example sentence: “My boy you Came in clutch with lunch. Thank you this is delicious.”

Came in clutch in songs:

“My shooter stayed in touch, it came in clutch cah I don’t do manuals” – Dave, Titanium.

“All of my bands came in clutch, The moment I step to the judge” – Jazz Cartier, New Religion.

“Thinking back when a backwood roach came in clutch” – Doctur Dot, Red Light.

“Did a hark on that nigga, that shit really came in clutch” – Cash Kidd, STFU.

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Came in clutch
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