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Cheesed (slang)

Type: adjective, slang

Pronunciation: /chee-eesed/

What does Cheesed mean?

To be angry or pissed off.

Cheesed Synonyms: Tight, Heated, Mad, Hot, Sick, Vexed

Example sentence: “I spilled my coffee, i’m cheesed.”

Cheesed in songs:

Stack cheese, watch enemies get cheesed” – KYLE, Lyrical Murder.

“I got my shawty cheesed cause i didn’t wanna see her” – Jay M, Plain Sight.

Yeah I know I got ya cheesed ’cause this ain’t how you raised me, Downtown cops always tryna page me” – RK, Sorry Momma.

“Niggas remain cheesed, they main squeeze is on they knees” – Elzhi, Yeah.

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