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BYOB (acronym)

Type: phrase, acronym

Pronunciation: /b-y-o-b/

Also spelled: B.Y.O.B., B-Y-O-B

What does BYOB mean and stand for?

Bring Your Own Booze.

Example sentence: “The party tonight is BYOB.”

BYOB in songs:

“That girl is poison like Bell Biv Devoe We have a barbeque to do at four Swimming pool party in the back on the low BYOB, and the plates of food will be laid out for free” – Snoop Dogg, Go On.

BYOB, bring your own booze DIY bongs in the bathroom” – ​bülow, Get Stüpid.

Bitches so kinky, broke hoes shrink me B.Y.O.B., can’t backwash in my drinks Missed it if you blink, smell the purp, she wink” – Rae Sremmurd, Up In My Cocina.

“Make my own rules, I really don’t pick, I just choose I don’t set picks, I just shoot Chopped and get screwed I told her it’s B.Y.O.B., that mean buy your own boobs” – Travis Scott, NO BYSTANDERS.

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