Bully vans


Bully vans (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /bully-vans/

Also spelled or known as: Bully-vans

Singular: Bully van

What does Bully vans mean?

Police cars.

Bully vans Synonyms: Berries, Squad cars, Paddy Wagons, Patrol Wagons

Example sentence: “Too many bully vans out on road today.”

Bully vans in songs (Lyric Examples):

“I turned around to run I turned around to run to see a bag of bully vans” – Dave, My Story.

“We don’t see them, bare skeng talk we don’t believe them Round up your bully vans and leave then, like” – Shemzy, Man Right Now.

“The feds come around in the white bully vans” – Loco x Eazzy, Thinking Bad.

“Police run around in bully vans Sirens scream from the top of their roofs” – Chubby and The Gang, Getting Beat Again (Eppu Normaali).

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Bully vans
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Bully vans
Bully vans