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Bron Bron

Bron Bron (slang)

Type: noun, slang, nickname

Pronunciation: /brawn-brawn/

Also spelled or known as: Bron-bron, ‘Bronbron

What does Bron Bron mean?

LeBron James’ nickname.

Other LeBron James Nicknames: Bron

LeBron James’ Full Name: LeBron Raymone James

Example sentence: “We ball just like Bron Bron.”

Bron Bron in songs:

“No diss to Bron Bron, niggas get yo pompoms I’m sippin’ Chandon and my sneakers Sean John” – King Los, My Biz.

“Left hand got three rings, that’s Bron Bron, we up one Bad bitch she a savage, take her to the mall and buy her something” – Quavo, Sacrifices.

“Franchise tag on me, Bron Bron Steph Curry wrist, nigga, Oakland” – Future, I’m the Plug.

“You ever seen a nigga get shot by the Staples Center? Next day you watchin’ Bron Bron with them staples in ’em” – The Game, Gold Daytonas.

“Mirror mirror on the wall, I’m staring at a dead man Me and Mikey go back like Bron Bron‘s headbands” – Mac Miller, What Do You Do.

Hoes fall like autumn, think I’m so damn awesome I think I’m finna move out there by Bron Bron” – Smino, KRUSHED ICE.

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Bron <strong>Bron</strong>
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Bron <strong>Bron</strong>