Bromance (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /bro-mance/

What does Bromance mean?

A non-sexual close relationship between two men.

Bromance Synonyms: Brotherhood, Fellowship

Example sentence: “Me and my homies keep a close bromance.”

Bromance in songs:

“Me and the tommy got a bromance, Hit you close range, you got no chance” – Sha Hef, No Choice.

“We just fuckin’ for the night, ain’t no romance and if you let my dog hit, that’s some bromance” – Waka Flocka, Ball Hard.

“I don’t want no bromance or brody, I’m out of here homie” – Hoodie Allen, UPenn Girls.

“My kindest niggas sippin’ lean wit the Bromance” – Bricc Baby, Figure Me Out.

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