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Amped up

Amped up (slang)

Type: adjective, slang

Pronunciation: /amped-up/

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What does Amped up mean?


Amped up Synonyms: Amped, Stocked, Psyched, Hyped

Example sentence: “Why are all the kids amped up this morning bae?”

Amped up in songs:

“Picturin’ my peeps not eatincan make my heartbeat skip And I’m amped up, they locked the champ up, even my brain’s in handcuffs” – Nas, The World Is Yours.

“Arouse her, gave her a heart, drop dollars and browsers Amped up, I think we stamped up, she’s in my trousers” – Denzel Curry, Denny Cascade.

“You cramped up, you and your team, I’m amped up And you asses can’t dim my beam” – Q-Tip, N.T..

“Breakin’ every law until they kick me out of school So amped up, you think I’m chuggin jet fuel” – Chris Webby, What I Do.

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Amped up
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Amped up