Ahizzead (slang) Type: adverb, slang Pronunciation: /ah-hizz-ed/ What does Ahizzead mean? Ahead. Example sentence: “I saw the road ahizzead..” Ahizzead in songs: “I can exercise you, this can be your Phys. Ed Cheat on your man, ma, that’s how you get ahizzead” – Pharrell, Drop It Like It’s Hot. more terms starting with “A”


Aight (slang) Type: adjective, adverb, expression, slang Pronunciation: /igh-t/ Also spelled: A’ight, Ight What does Aight mean? Alright. Aight Synonyms: Cool, Bet, Fosho, Foshizzle, Okay Example sentence: “You say you are gonna win, we are about to see aight.” Aight in songs: “Let me know if it’s a problem then, aight, man, holla, then” – […]


ASAP (slang) Type: adverb, slang, acronym Pronunciation: /a-sap/ or /A.S.A.P./ What does ASAP mean and stand for? As Soon As Possible. ASAP Synonyms: RN, Pronto Example sentence: “I’ll be back with the whip asap.” ASAP in songs: “Drop a pin for the fade and I’m on my way ASAP” – Kanye West, I Thought About […]


Auto (slang) Type: adverb, slang Pronunciation: /aww-toe/ What does Auto mean? Automatic. Example sentence: “My new whip is fully auto.” Auto in songs: “No key, push button auto, start my ride, Two piece chicken wing without the fries” – Takeoff, Kelly Price. “I respect on women, she better not swallow She touch on my cockpit, […]