WTO (slang)

Type: noun, slang, acronym

Pronunciation: /w-t-o/

Also spelled: W.T.O., W-T-O

What does WTO mean and stand for?

We The Opps.

Example sentence: “He kept saying WTO in the music video.”

WTO in songs:

WTO we the clique Don’t get it twisted bitch” – Lil Jay, Rich Nigga Shit.

WTO We The Opps (Opps), Clout Boyz, you know we the gang” – Lil Jay, Bars Of Clout 2.

“We all WTO, opps some vegetarians dont want beef” – Lil Jay, Involed.

WTO, we the gang We killas, some no names” – Lil Jay, Faneto (Remix).

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