Twerking (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /t-work/

Also spelled: Twerkin’

Related: Twerk, Twerked, Twerkin’

What does Twerking mean?

To be shaking your ass in a squat stance.

Twerking Synonyms: Throwing it back, Backing it up

Example sentence: “All the girls in the club were twerking on us.”

Twerking in songs:

“Start twerking when she hear her song, stripper pole her income” – Juicy J, Bandz A Make Her Dance.

Hoes twerking, cause I’ve been coastal serving” – Russ, Overdue.

Twerking bad bitches, working bad bitches” – Lil B, Pretty Bitch.

Twerking that summer, I really don’t know” – Danny Brown, High.

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