Triple OG

Triple OG (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /trip-ul-o-g/

Related: OG, OOOG

What does Triple OG mean?

The One and Only Original Gangster; OOOG.

Triple OG Synonyms: OG

Example sentence: “My broski know the triple OG in the city.”

Triple OG in songs:

I’m triple OG, Fuque splitting a Sweet” – Lil Wayne, Tunechi’s Back.

Smoke all three at the same time: call that triple OG” – Paul Wall, Dance on the Moon.

I’m triple OG in my hood” – Meek Mill, Big Daddy.

Triple OG some y’all niggas too childish, can’t eat round me'” – Curren$y, What Da Fuck.

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Triple OG
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Triple OG