Trending topic


Trending topic (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /trend-in-top-ick/

Also spelled or known as: Trendin’ Topic

Related: Trend

What does Trending topic mean?

Trending Topic Synonyms: Topic of discussion

Example sentence: “We became a trending topic when we dropped the project.”

Trending Topic in songs:

“That pussy get pounds, trending topic” – Kamaiyah, Do Not Disturb.

“Psychedelics and some chronic, Still remain the trending topic” – Machine Gun Kelly, The Gunner.

Hoes jockin’, on Twitter trending topic” – T.I., We In This Bitch.

“‘Fore you get hit with this lava, bitch, I’m the trending topic” – Chief Keef, Love Sosa.

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Trending topic
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