Steezy (slang)

Type: adjective, slang

Pronunciation: /steez-e/

Also spelled: Steeze, Steezee

Related: Steez, Steeze

What does Steezy mean?

To have style with ease.

Steezy Synonyms: Swaggy

Example sentence: “I always pull up on my bro steezy.”

Steezy in songs:

“Lookin steezy, got your girlfriend in her feelings” – Aitch, MICE.

“I stay silent, ayy, I’m way too steezy” – Octavian, Take It Easy.

Sucka free I’m in my space, say I’m hella steezy, yeah” – Rubix, High Life.

Steezy swag ain’t no jocking that” – Thouxandband Fauni, Zoomin.

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