Sneakerhead (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /sne-ker-head/

Also spelled: Sneaker head

Plural: Sneakerheads

What does Sneakerhead mean?

Someone who owns and collects a lot of shoes.

Sneakerhead Synonyms: Kickster

Example sentence: “Her old man was a sneakerhead, he couldn’t even buy her Dior kicks.”

Sneakerhead in songs:

“I was on the block when you was a sneakerhead” – Meek Mill, All The Way Up (Remix).

“It’s like I’m searching for kicks like a sneakerhead” – Jay-Z, So Ambitious.

I’m a casual sneakerhead, I don’t need them bleeding on my Nikes” – PRhyme, PRhyme.

“Not a sneakerhead but my kick game soccer main” – Starlito, Strange Fruit Roll Ups.

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