Skully (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /skull-e/

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What does Skully mean?

1. A sweatshirt with a hood.

Skully Synonyms: Hoodie

2. A hat.

Skully Synonyms: Cap

3. Oral sex.

Skully Synonyms: BJ, Sloppy Toppy, Top, Brain, Neck, Becky, Fellatio, Head, Blow Job

Example sentence: “Your girl wants to give the kid skully.”

Skully in songs:

“In a Porsche Panamera, smoking weed, getting skully” – Nipsey Hu$$le, Chun Li.

“Got some dope stashed up in my skully” – Cousin Stizz, Gain Green.

“She give me top, she give me skully, she don’t wear a hat

Skully on, money long, Her mouth is like my house, So I guess you can say I’m coming home” – Lil Wayne, Up Up and Away.

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