Skoob (nickname)

Type: noun, slang, nickname

Pronunciation: /skooob/

What does Skoob mean?

Trouble’s nickname.

Trouble’s real name: Mariel Semonte Orr

Example sentence: “Trouble also goes by Skoob.”

Skoob in songs:

“I make the paper like rice Head on that bucket, your mothafuckin’ life, Skoob” – Trouble, Thief in the Night.

“Always been up for fades and shit, Skoob” – Trouble, Come Thru.

Don’t really know, they just know I’m doing it They say that Skoob is a bad influence” – Trouble, U Ain’t Street.

Brick on my wrist, nigga know I’m better, Skoob” – Trouble, Brick.

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