Singles (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /sin-gulls/

What does Singles mean?

1. One dollar ($1) bills.

Singles Synonyms: Ones

2. Musical recordings.

Singles Synonyms: Records

Example sentence: “We threw a lot of singles in the club.”

Singles in songs:

“Okay I know what it feel like to be young and single You know the life when your pockets got a bunch of singles” – Big Sean, Living Single.

“1500, all in singles, Throw it up, watch it fall and drop” – Travis Scott, Champions.

“I guess Beanie’s style was more of a slam dunk And my shit was more like a finger roll But I had them singles though” – Kanye West, Big Brother.

“In a room full of Grammy winners discussing they singles” – Logic, The High Life.

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