Showed and proved

Showed and proved (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /showed-and-proovd/

Also spelled: Showed & proved, Showed-and-proved, Showed-&-proved

What does Showed and proved mean?

To have demonstrated.

Example sentence: “I showed and proved that we can create the app.”

Showed and proved in songs:

“But anyway I showed and proved, to most of my peers Sooner or later, recognized me as a pioneer” – Yung Redd, 7-1-3.

“I climb a single step one at a time, this year, I showed and proved” – Krum, Saint Dangle.

“I showed and proved that I can hold water on these 40D breasts We been through so many warzones” – Mia X, Boss Chick.

“Pooh showed and proved it, can’t Sleep on his game ‘Te converted all the currency with Foreign Exchange” – Chaundon, We Got Now.

“I paid dues, graduated from finesse school I showed and proved, I never lose” – Future, Deeper Than the Ocean.

“I knew this ho named “Jubilee” who showed and proved that she Could take on two or three” – Block McCloud, Dirty.

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Showed and proved
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Showed and proved

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