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Sheneneh (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /che-nay-nay/

Also known or spelled as: Shanaynay, Sheneyney

Plural: Shenenehs

What does Sheneneh mean?

Chanel. Sheneneh is slang for the fashion brand Chanel.

Example sentence: “Hey bae, you like this Sheneneh bag i got you?”

Sheneneh in songs:

“That bitch want Sheneneh, okay” – Quavo, Menace 2.

“Your bitch look like Sheneneh, uh-uh, oh my goodness” – Chris Brown, I Bet.

“I bought her Sheneneh heels, I’m a Chanel bandit” – Gunna, Outstanding.

“Shoot his head off right, it get you new Sheneneh” – Future, First Off (Demo).

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