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Type: noun

Pronunciation: /men-is/

Plural: Menaces

What does Menace mean?

A dangerous person; someone likely to cause harm.

Menace Synonyms: Villian, Demon

Example sentence: “When lil bro get’s angry, he is a menace.”

Menace in songs:

“The description doesn’t fit, if not a synonym of menace” – Earl Sweatshirt, Hive.

“I am a menace, keep me a rack just like tennis, I’m with the shit like I’m Dennis” – Shotta Flow, NLE Choppa.

“My vision is vivid, told you I’m really a menace” – Kodak Black, Calling My Spirit.

“Who shot me? But you punks didn’t finish, Now you ’bout to feel the wrath of a menace” – 2Pac, HitEm Up.

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