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Ripped off

Ripped off (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /ripped-off/

Also spelled or known as: Ripped-off

What does Ripped off mean?

To be stolen from or taken advantage of.

Example sentence: “I think you got ripped off, it shouldn’t cost so much.”

Ripped off in songs:

“You ain’t never had to watch 45Hickok (Yup) Had me feelin’ like a nigga got ripped off” – Digga D, Daily Duppy.

“Ladies tired of getting ripped off by guys like this And giving head is like a whale that’s using a toothpick” – Kanye West, Breathe In Breathe Out.

“Sometimes you hit a lick, sometimes you get ripped off Sometimes you gotta sit, sometimes it’s time for lift-off” – Big Sean, Outro (Dark Sky Paradise).

So if she can’t pop a squat, then that’s a rip-off Keep the CDG, y’all niggas ripped off” – Brent Faiyaz, ​lost souls (Remix).

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Ripped off
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Ripped off