Riding dirty

Riding dirty (slang)

Type: verb, slang, phrase

Pronunciation: /ride-in-dirt-e/

Also known or spelled as: Ridin’ dirty

Related: Ridin’, Riding

What does Riding dirty mean?

To be driving a stolen car or driving with illegal drugs or items in the car.

Riding dirty Synonyms: Serving

Example sentence: “I don’t want to be riding dirty with my child in the car.”

Riding dirty in songs:

I’m riding dirty, tryna get filthy” – Jay-Z, Who Gon Stop Me

“Sippin’ dirty, riding dirty, I say hi to thirty” – Meek Mill, B Boy.

“What you know about riding dirty in the evening?” – Joyner Lucas, Bank Account (Remix).

“Sitting high, riding dirty, drag racing into danger” – Lupe Fiasco, Strange Fruition.

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Riding dirty
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Riding dirty

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