Nanny (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /nan-e/

What does Nanny mean?

1. A grandma.

2. Someone, usually a woman who takes care and watches kids.

Nanny Synonyms: Babysitter

Example sentence:I’m having the nanny watch the kids tonight babe we going out.”

Nanny in songs:

Yo, my daughter got a nanny for her other nanny” – Jeezy, Feeling Like.

“Your niggas is pressin’ play, your nanny is pressin’ play” – Drake, 8 Out of 10.

“Spank that bitch like I’m her nanny” – Ski Mask, Unbothered.

“All these bitches my sons, I’ma get ‘em a nanny” – Nicki Minaj, HOV Lane.

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