Naw (slang) Type: noun, expression, slang Pronunciation: /naw/ Related: Hell Naw, Nah What does Naw mean? No. Naw Synonyms: Nah, No Example sentence: “Naw i don’t know your baby mama.” Naw in songs: “Hell fuckin’ naw, this dick ain’t free” – Kendrick Lamar, For Free? (Interlude). “Cut my hair? Naw, cut them balls” – Ice Cube, […]


Nawf (slang) Type: noun, slang Pronunciation: /norf/ Also spelled or known as: Norf What does Nawf mean? North Atlanta, Georgia. Nawf Synonyms: The A, ATL Coined by: Migos Example sentence: “One if my favorite parts of Georgia is da Nawf.” Nawf in songs: “We from the Nawf, yeah, Dat Way” – Offset, Bad and Boujee. […]