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Name droppin

Name droppin’ (slang)

Type: adjective, slang

Pronunciation: /name-drawp-in/

Also known or spelled as: Name dropping, Name-droppin

Related: Name drop, Name drops

What does Name droppin’ mean?

To be mentioning someone’s name (usually someone relevant or important).

Name droppin Synonyms: Co-signing

Example sentence: “Kendrick Lamar did a lot of name droppinon his Control verse.”

Name droppin in songs:

“Baby girl she’s always talkin’, name droppin, hangin’ late” – Nas, 2nd Childhood.

Hit her one time, now her name poppin’, Plead the fifth on the bitch, I don’t do name droppin” – Lil Baby, Water.

I’m one of the hottest because I flame drop, Drop fire, and not because I’m name droppin, Hall of Fame droppin” – Big Sean, Control.

“Mmm, false accusation, why they name droppin?”” – Lil Durk, Turn Myself In.

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Name droppin
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Name droppin