DT (acronym)

Type: noun, acronym

Pronunciation: /d-t/

Also spelled or known as: D.T.

What does DT mean and stand for?

1. A detective.

DT Synonyms: Fed, Alphabet Boys

2. Downtown.

Example sentence: “I didn’t say anything to the DT.”

DT in songs:

“Tried to rob a man who was a DT undercover” – Slick Rick, Children’s Story.

“Lookin for a stone, light her finger like E.T, I got there, got a call from a DT” – Fabolous, I Miss My Love.

“Watching a cop cuff a kid for selling a clip to a DT” – Queen Latifah, Just Another Day….

“We DT, just left the Celine” – Cdot Honcho, 02 Shit.

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