Sugar daddy


Sugar daddy (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /shug-ah-dad-ee/

Also known or spelled as: Sugar-daddy, Sugardaddy

What does Sugar daddy mean?

A rich and older man (sometimes younger) who spoils his young lover with money, gifts & trips in exchange for sex.

Sugar daddy Synonyms: Meal ticket

Example sentence: “She went to Jamaica with her sugar daddy.”

Sugar daddy in songs:

“Swipe her 30-inch weave on her sugar daddy card” Kanye West, MAMA.

“I’m her sugar son, her sugar daddy was 50″ – 21 Savage, ​a&t.

“Too much money, I ain’t never need a sugar daddy” – Nicki Minaj, Miami.

Sugar daddy sometimes, no sugar coatin’ one line when we talk” – Nas, Replace Me.

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