Making ends

Making ends (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /make-in-ends/

Related: Making ends meet, Ends

What does Making ends mean?

To be making money.

Making ends Synonyms: Stacking, Stacking up, Caking, Caking up

Example sentence: “We are going state to state and making ends.”

Making ends in songs:

Bitch I got a Benz And I got them Bands So I’m making Ends Bitch I got a Benz” – Denzel Curry, Benz.

“Some believe in love and some believe in friends But niggas like me believe in making ends” – DJ Quik, Safe + Sound.

So I’m making ends and beginnings, see, I’m never afraid” – Fatlip, I’m That Type of Nigga.

“Thinking like that $hort Dog got rich Now I’m making ends and you think I’m weak” – Too $hort, I Ain’t Nothin But a Dog.

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Making ends
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Making ends