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Caking up

Caking up (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /cake-in-up/

Also spelled or known as: Cakin’ up

Related: Cake, Caked up, Caked, Caking

What does Caking up mean?

To be making a lot of money.

Caking up Synonyms: Caking, Guaping, Stacking

Example sentence: “Lately me and the guys have just been caking up.”

Caking up in songs:

“Everyday I’m fly, bitches see me, leave they mouth wide Started Uptown making love, on the block caking up” – Kevin Gates, Drip 4 Sale Extravaganza.

“Super Saiyan them guys laying I’m caking up, sitting behind suckers” – Lil B, Illusions of Grandeur Remix.

“Popping fresh, caking up, I’m breaking up the, monotonous flow That can’t write or plant life like a botanist grow” – Talib Kweli, The Show.

Bitch I’m sittin’ on hundreds, I’m caking up Bitch we cookin’ up something, we bakin’ up” – GMCB, Cocoon.

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Caking up
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Caking up